We provide two options of Webhosting:

1. Webservers based in Australia - with multiple interconnected links to major local and Overseas networks, that provides fast speeds for local clients - to optimise their local (Australian) Search Engine Marketing results.

2 Webservers based in the USA - with multiple links to the major Worldwide networks (including Australia), that provides fast speeds for Australian and Overseas clients needing Search Engine Marketing optimisation specifically for Worldwide markets.

Both Servers run the very reliable Linux operating system - based around running on a 'LAMP' platform

* Linux Operating System
* ApacheServer
* MySQL Database

Server Specifications:

* Supermicro Enterprise-Grade Rackmount Servers

* Powerful Dual AMD Opteron (Dual Core) CPUs

* Minimum of 6144MB (6GB) ECC Registered DDR Dual Channel System RAM

* Hot-Swappable Seagate Cheetah 15,000 RPM SCSI Hard Disks. A minimum of four drives are used with our Premium Hosting service.

* Hardware RAID5 Disk Controllers with Premium Hosting service.

* Use of 2U chassis for better cooling and air flow.

* Redundant Power Supply Units (PSUs).

* Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) cards for hardware event monitoring.

* Remote reboot functionality allows our team to power cycle servers faster if the need arises.

Network Specifications:

* High performance bandwidth from InterNAP, Level 3 and AboveNET. We only peer with top quality tier-1 backbone providers.

* Flow Control Platform (FCP) BGP optimization to ensure your site traffic is routed via the most efficient path possible.

* 100% Cisco powered network architecture.

* Hot-Standby Routing Protocol (HSRP) failover protection at all network levels. Most network maintenance can be performed transparently.

* Dual network cable drops to all racks ensuring no single point of failure and complete redundancy.

* Proprietary Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS).

* Full off-site remote data backups using the latest Network Attached Storage (NAS) technology.

Data Center Specifications:�

* Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) powered by independent Leibert and Powerware units.

* Around the clock environmental monitoring to ensure temperature remains at a constant 68�F.

* Raised flooring for under floor cooling and to allow for increased reliability by keeping power cables completely separated from data cables.

* Fully Locking Cabinets for extra physical security.

* Pre-action dry pipe fire suppression system rated for telecommunications / data center use.

* Access to the data center floor is restricted by biometric locks and key card access.

* All areas of the facility are monitored 24/7 via CCTV as well as patrols by security staff. Video recordings are kept for a five day period.

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